Retreats on Lough Key Mindful, Yoga & Pilates ~

Nourishment for the Heart and Soul

Our Full or half-day program has been designed to create practical tools for living well when you return to your life.  

This experience will allow for deep rest and reintegration in a way that the push and pull of life can interrupt and interfere .  

A time to pause and reflect to realize your needs are paramount...

Half Day Retreat on Lough Key

The retreat will begin with an exhilarating trip in the speed boat around the lake conscious of the speed of life from which we are coming from.  Next we will arrive at our peaceful and magical island our home for the day.

Retreat  starts with pick up at the harbour to board the boat and then travel to the island 

Outdoor Retreat 

  • Drinks provided on Arrival 
  • Mindfulness Session 
  • Gentle Pilates & Yoga 
  • Relaxation session  
  • Journaling session 
  • Picnic Lunch

This is beginners level / a taster if you have not yet had a chance to immerse yourself in a retreat for your own body, soul, heart, and mind 

“What would our world be like, if our businesses, our homes, and our communities shared the underlying intention of elevating our species?